Peter Cushing was one of the most beloved and important actors for the genres of horror and fantasy films. He began in British Theater before making a name for himself in Hollywood with such films as ‘The Man in The Iron Mask’ and ‘A Chump at Oxford’. Cushing returned to his native England during World War II and soon after became a television star with such hits as ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’, ‘The Creature’ and ‘Beau Brummell’.

To his fans however, Mr. Cushing is recognized mostly for his work with Hammer Films. He began to star in many of Hammer’s horror and fantasy films starting in the late 1950′s, which consequently breathed new life and energy into the nearly forgotten genre of classic horror films. These films gained such favor and popularity with the public, Mr. Cushing was quickly catapulted to international stardom. Such classics included ‘The Curse of Frankenstein’, ‘Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas’, ‘Horror of Dracula’, ‘The Mummy’, ‘Captain Clegg’, ‘The Revenge of Frankenstein’, ‘The Evil of Frankenstein’, ‘Sword of Sherwood Forest’, ‘Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed’, ‘Dracula A.D. 1972′, ‘Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell’, ‘Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires’, plus many more. He also appeared in films for Amicus – Hammer’s rival. Some of these classics included ‘Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors’, ‘Dr. Who and the Daleks’, ‘Daleks’ Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.’, ‘I Monster’, ‘Asylum’, and ‘Tales from the Crypt’. It has been said that everyday, somewhere in the world, a Peter Cushing film is being shown. These films are still watched today by countless life long fans who grew up watching Peter Cushing, and to the delight of younger viewers discovering for the first time these well made, classic horror films. Mr. Cushing capped off his career in the late 1970′s with Star Wars. From then on, he made only a handful of films with Biggles being his last in 1986.

Still very active in retirement, Mr. Cushing wrote two autobiographies, received the O.B.E. ( Officer of the British Empire) in 1989, helped in raising money for cancer research, along with painting, collecting books, and bird watching in his spare time.

Always the professional, Mr. Cushing’s final work was the Hammer documentary Flesh and Blood. His contribution and dedication to the films he appeared in will never be equaled. The generous, kind and gentle nature, he showed off-camera to his co-workers and fans is legendary. Peter Cushing truly was The Gentle Man of Horror. This is his official site under the guidance of his former secretary, Mrs. Joyce Broughton.

Dear fellow Peter Cushing fans,

“In All Sincerity…Peter Cushing” is being published this August of 2004 by a publisher here in the U.S. If you have already sent your details to my former publisher GBU, please resend them to me so that I can notify you when the book is ready this summer. Anyone who sent their credit card details to GBU should not have been charged and if they were all money will be refunded by GBU. My book will now be offered in both hardcover with a color dusk jacket and soft cover as well. Plus, I am still giving away a handwritten letter by Peter Cushing to one lucky fan who will be selected during a drawing at the Monster Mania convention being held this August 27-29th, 2004. I will be on hand at the Monster Mania convention to sign books for fans. To find out more about the Monster Mania convention and get tickets, please visit: You can also view a portion of the letter below on this homepage. If you would like to ask me any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at

Sincerely yours,

Christopher Gullo

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PC Repairs Company advise my PC shutting down randomly?

It gets pretty annoying when the PC shuts down for absolutely no reason. What’s more frustrating is not knowing what the problem is and having to wing it when attempting to troubleshoot the problem independently. Computer repairs Melbourne specialists often assist PC users with this common problem.

The problem

The computer stops suddenly after being used for several minutes. Every time an application starts, the PC suddenly shuts down. For days, the PC repairs Melbourne had been working okay and all of a sudden, the system starts to shut down out of the blue. The system fails to progress beyond the initial startup screen. These are all common scenarios experienced by the typical user. These problems can happen for a number of reasons.

Common reasons

Overheating. Hardware temperatures exceeding a certain level can cause the PC to shut down. Inadequate cooling can cause the system to become overburdened. If operating the PC repairs Melbourne by in a different area doesn’t do the trick, a PC technician can enhance the cooling capabilities.

Virus. The virus infection can cause random shut down issues. A file or application could be corrupted if the security programs are inadequate, out of date or nonexistent. A technician can assist in virus removal and restore the
PC to its original state.

Failed hardware. Nothing can cause a crash quicker than hardware failure. This problem may be accompanied by troubling noises. A technician can perform the necessary diagnostics to assess the hardware component causing the system problem.

Startup programs. There can be too many programs launching at the same time. If by disabling some of the programs doesn’t resolve the problem, one can consider doing a scan altogether. A technician can guide the process of setting up the right programs to launch at start.

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Finding the Right Color for Wedding Flowers in Melbourne

Choosing the right colors when it comes to wedding flowers in Melbourne is one of the most important decisions you can make. Every wedding will have a theme and a color scheme and of course it makes perfect sense to blend these ideals in with your choice of flowers. Whether you want to choose wedding flowers in Melbourne that contrast or match is down to your color scheme and your own unique preference when it comes to wedding style. Take a look at these tips for choosing the right color for wedding flowers in Melbourne.

Your dress

One of the biggest considerations when it comes to color and wedding flowers in Melbourne is your dress. The last thing you want is to get this wrong and choose something that completely clashes. Bring a swath of your dress fabric with you when you go to visit the florist so that they can help you to perfectly pair the choice of flowers with the shade of your dress whether it be in contrasting colors or something that complements.

Another great tip is to use offcuts of your dress (if you are having it altered) to wrap around your bouquets or to incorporate into the design so that you seamlessly tie the two together.

The season

Another factor to think about when it comes to color and wedding florists Melbourne like is the season. You should always make the most of the seasonal weather especially when it comes to colors and themes. Winter weddings look beautiful when you choose pale blooms with a splash of ice and green, summer weddings and spring should be all about color and designer chaos.

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Leak Detection Melbourne and How to Conserve Water

Conserving water should be at the top of everyone’s priorities especially when it comes to cutting down on bills and being environmentally conscious. Leak detection in Melbourne can tick both of these boxes as you can ensure that you aren’t wasting money by letting it drip down the drain. There are tons of ways in which you can save water and these tips can help you to get started.

Leak detection

The first way you can save, not only on your bills but also on your water usage is to opt for annual Toscano Plumbing leak detection Melbourne. Leak detection in Melbourne is when a professional arrives at your home and checks to see if all your plumbing, faucets and bathrooms are in order and there are no leaks. You would be amazed at just how much water and money you can lose with a flushing toilet. You can also ask your local plumber about ways in which you can reduce the need to flush your toilet.

Shower Instead

When you have had your leak detection in Melbourne sorted you should start having showers instead of baths if you really want to save money. Using the shower instead of the bath saves you tons of water especially when you choose to have fast showers.

Watch appliances

Make sure that you keep your eye on your appliances such as dish washers and washing machines. You should only run both of these when they are full to the brim rather than wasting energy and water by doing half loads. 


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Cold Sore Stages and the Best Cold Sore Remedy

The tingle

One of the first stages of the cold sore will be when you start to feel that tingle above your lip or around your mouth. You may also feel the skin tightening and turning red as the swelling and inflammation starts. At this stage if you are on the ball it is best to start thinking about the best cold sore remedy and even dabbing a little milk onto the afflicted area to reduce the consequences.

The blister

Next the cold sore area will start to erupt and blister. This can be incredibly comfortable as you will feel the desire to itch, however this is certainly not advised. At this point you should visit your pharmacist and ask for the best cold sore remedy and also for something that will soothe your skin and reduce the itch.

The sore

The blister will start to crack and turn into a sore or like a shallow ulcer. This can be the most painful part of the process but fortunately it won’t last long. Make sure that you are frequently using the Fixalip – best cold sore treatment as recommended by your pharmacist.

The scab

Finally your cold sore will start to scab over and whilst this is also uncomfortable it does mean that you are on the mend. Make sure that you don’t touch the affected area and you don’t pick at the scab as this will cause setbacks when it comes to being on the mend.

The healing

In the final stages of healing you will see the sin becoming drier and the scab starting to flake away. Your skin may remain slightly pink and a little sensitive as the new cells form and heal but it means you are at the end of your cold sore virus.

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The Dangers of Blocked Drains in Melbourne

Every homeowner knows that blocked drains in Melbourne can be an outright nightmare and truly troublesome to fix. If you have a sink that keeps backing up or a bathtub that refuses to let the water go down then the odds are you have a blocked drain and it needs sorting.

Even though blocked drains in Melbourne may seem like nothing more than an inconvenience they actually come with way more problems than you would think. Blocked drains can actually be a health hazard, can cause damage to your home and simply won’t fix themselves. Prevention is better than the cause when it comes to blocked drains in Melbourne and for this reason you should try and ensure that you don’t put any food waste down your sink as this can be the main culprit.

Make sure that you clean your drains on a regular basis using either store bought or homemade drain cleaner to flush the system through. When you notice slow draining or no draining at all then you have a problem. Remember if you leave blocked drains in Melbourne to get on top of you then you are creating a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria which can lead to illness, skin irritations and bad air.

Don’t take the risk when it comes to blocked drains Melbourne from Toscano Plumbing and if you have a problem that you simply cannot fix then it may be time to call in the experts.

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White Card Training in Sydney and Being Successful in Construction

One of the best things about working in construction is the fact that you can work our way up the ladder, both physically and metaphorically too. You will learn incredible skills especially when you opt for your white card training in Sydney and this will help you to be successful in your choice of career. The world of construction is solid and this means that moving forward is definitely an option. Take a look at these tips for getting your white card training in Sydney and being successful in construction.

Get the training

One of the most important things you can do when it comes to construction careers is to get the relevant training under your belt. This means starting off on the right foot with your white card training in Sydney. White card training in Sydney is not only a legal requirement but will also help you to be accepted for many jobs as it shows you have the knowledge and the health and safety training needed to work on a building site.

Work hard

There is really only one way to get ahead when it comes to business and that is by working hard and showing determination. Once you have your white card training Sydney at you can use your new found skills to work at your job and to be the best you can. This is sure to get noticed and to help you advance.

Be reliable

A good construction worker is reliable and turns up on time to work hard, this is incredibly important for anyone working within the building world as projects need to get done within the required time frame to avoid going over budget. Having a hint of flexibility will also help you to be successful and to get ahead, timetables and ideas can change but if you are ready and willing to roll with it then you will be invited to work on more jobs.

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